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Flattened Expanded Metal

Flattened Expanded Metal

Flattened Expanded Metal

Flattened expanded metal (abbreviated FXM), differs from standard expanded metal in that it has been cold rolled – so that the final product has a smooth and flat surface. It is basically standard expanded metal that has been processed through a cold roll reducing mill to flatten the surface. The flattening process of the metal reduces the thickness of the sheet and lengthens the diamond-shaped pattern. Because of its reduced thickness, flattened expanded metal is considered about 5% lighter than standard expanded metal. Like standard expanded metal, flattened expanded metal has low resistance to winds is extremely durable and versatile. We offer flattened expanded metal in stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel. Please see below for the flattened expanded metal size chart.

flattened expanded metal

Flattened Metal Size Chart

flattened expanded metal size chart

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